St. Matthew's Early Learning Center is a department of St. Matthew's United Methodist Church. We exist as an extension and out-reach arm of the church. Our mission is to provide excllent care and education for the children of our community. We choose to do this in a Christian and caring environment. It is our desire to share Christ daily in our programs,curriculum, actions and attitudes.


Our vision is to provide ministry and service to children birth through four years of age; to minister up to 150 students each week; to see the children and families come to growth in Christ; and to see families added to the faithful attendance and service at St. Matthew's UMC through the impact our center has on their lives. St. Matthew's UMC is a Protestant denomination that believes in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Sacraments include baptism (which can be done by several methods) and communion (which is offered to all).

Who We Are


St. Matthew's ELC is a year-round program that offers all day care for children ages 6 weeks to 4 years. Our daily activites and program consists of a magnet prep flexible schedule that has been created to provide diversity and challenge for children in all age groups. Our activities include school readiness skills, arts and crafts. games, music, outdoor play, Spanish, computer, and sign language. We offer a full time contract.

Statement oF



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We understand the importance of keeping strict compliance with the state licensing regulations in order to ensure a quality environment for your children. St. Matthew's ELC complies with the applicable state licensing regulations and policies. These  requirements cover staff qualifications, facility, playground, health and safety guidelines, and child/staff ratios. The ratios are as followed:

Infant (6weeks-8months): 1 to 4 ratio
Crawlers (8months-12months): 1 to 5 ratio
Walkers (12months-16months): 1 to 8 ratio
Toddlers (16months-24months): 1 to 8 ratio
Twos: 1 to 12 ratio
Threes & Fours: 1 to 10 ratio

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