Choosing a daycare for your child is probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever do as a parent and when we chose St. Matthew’s I feel like my husband and I made the absolute best choice possible.  First of all, we love the staff… LOVE.  When you’re making this decision while you’re still pregnant that is all you have to go on… and me and my husband had an immediate connection with Jill and Shannon that made our choice and an easy one. You are entrusting your most precious creation with the school’s staff, so it’s crucial that your relationship is a good one and that you feel comfortable expressing concerns or asking for advice.  After all, they have more experience with children than any first time parent!  
My daughter started when she was 12 weeks old and I have watched her learn so much from St. Matthew’s.  Starting with sign language before she could speak to sleeping on a mat at naptime (which I believe every parent thinks will be impossible!).  Finley loves to go to school, she talks about all her friends and her teachers on the weekends and is always coming home singing nursery rhymes, chapel songs and bringing me daily art projects.  She just turned 2 years old and knows all her colors and shapes, can recite her ABC’s, count to 20 in English and to 10 in Spanish and can recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  My son, Sawyer, started attending St. Matthew’s in January and I can’t wait to see him grow and learn in the same fashion.  There is truly no better feeling in the world than to see your children absorb every ounce of information available to them and know they are in the perfect environment to satisfy all of that natural curiosity kids possess.   
I would recommend St. Matthew’s to anyone, they truly have proved to be better than I ever imagined and we couldn’t be happier.
-          Leah Temple

When I first found out I was pregnant, I worried a lot about motherhood. However, as a working mother, one thing I didn’t think about was where my daughter would attend daycare. As children, my sisters and I attended St. Matthews Early Learning Center and I still have great memories of that time in my life. This prompted me to make an appointment for a tour of the learning center. During the tour of the facility, I saw the love the babies were receiving in nursery and the smiles on all of the kids faces while learning to crawl in the crawler’s room. One of the things that really impressed me was all of the activities that the toddlers and 2 and 3 year olds were involved in on a daily basis.  I realized then St. Matthews offers so much then just a “babysitting” service.  The staff was expressing their love to the kids. This helped me to make my decision on where I wanted my daughter to attend daycare. The staff loves the kids unconditionally as we do and prepare them for kindergarten.

My daughter, Rylan, impresses me on a weekly basis by the things she has learned at St. Matthews. This includes: reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at age 2, saying hello in Spanish and showing me her letters in sign language. I love that she is learning and having fun every day. When I go to pick her up at the end of the day the all of the teachers greet me by name and Rylan is never ready to go home.  She always insists on staying five more minutes.

I have recommended St. Matthews Early Learning Center to a number of my friends and express how it’s a wonderful place for their child to learn and grow.  St. Matthews is a family and I cannot say enough great things about the Teachers and Administration.  As parents, one of the hardest things we have to do is put the care of our children in someone else’s hands. The first day I dropped off Rylan to the learning center and every day since, I have confidence that she is surrounded by great people that love her and want the best for her. That makes it a little easier knowing she is in good hands.


A Proud Mom, 

Courtney Barras 

As a childcare provider with an associate degree in early childhood, I was seeking employment that would be challenging and fulfilling. I began a job in a Jefferson Parish daycare and quickly became dissatisfied with the daily operation and leadership of the center. It was not long before I realized that I could not work in a center that was not striving for excellence, I began to seek other employment and at the same time learned I was expecting. I now was not only looking for employment but a place for my child to attend that would offer excellence in care and education. 


The administration was very welcoming and friendly, and I was impressed with how clean and sanitary the center was. As an employee, I have never worked somewhere that strives so hard to be the best that they can be. It is a place that I feel comfortable and secure bringing my daughter Ava to, and a place that she enjoys as well. As a nursery teacher I try my best to make parents feel the same as we do. I couldn’t be more pleased than I am at St. Matthew’s, both as a parent and an employee.


- Jamie Caillouet


Teachers are angels in disguise.In the case of my 2 yr old’s teachers, this has never been more true! He is rough, mischevious, curious and downright stubborn at times. Despite these daily challenges, the teachers at his daycare love him unconditionally, shower him with affection and challenge him to follow directions. He is smart as a whip, no thanks tome (well, other than genetics LOL), as a direct result of their creative and fun ways of teaching. He comes home singing songs he learned during the week about his colors, about the itsy-bitsy spider and most importantly, about Jesus. Recently, he’s begun kicking and screaming when I pick him up in the afternoon – not wanting to leave. While this makes me feel like a failure as a mother (j/k…ok, no I’m not…yes I am…), it warms my heart to know that this reaction is because he truely feels at home at daycare and has a blast with his friends and teachers. So thank you J, A, B & all the staff at STMELC for changing his poopy diapers, lotioning his many rashes, kissing his bo-bo’s and loving my baby boy like he is one of your own. We love you and adore you! 


- Jamie Bertucci

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